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  • Sep ,29 2022
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Most parents worry about giving their daughters the right advice about growing up. But if you want to help your daughter understand what’s happening, here are few tips that can help:

  1. Be prepared– Before you sit down with your daughter, make sure that you’re both ready to talk about this sensitive topic. Sit down in a comfortable place where you can both relax, and be sure that she feels safe in sharing her thoughts and feelings.
  2. Be honest and open– Don’t be afraid to talk openly with her. She may not be ready yet to ask specific questions or express concerns, but she will appreciate your honesty and open dialogue with her.
  3. Make time for talking together– Make sure you have time set aside each day (or night) so that you can have a conversation about puberty and other issues that might come up as she grows up — like boys and changing relationships with them, peer pressure or stressors in school or work, etc.
  4. Let her know what she can expect– Your first step should be to let your daughter know what she can expect during puberty, including any physical changes she might experience as well as how these changes will affect her behavior and relationships with others (including her family members).
  5. Help her understand why it’s happening– And what it means for her future health and happiness. Puberty is a natural part of growing up; however, it can also be an uncomfortable transition for some girls because they don’t necessarily know exactly what’s going on inside their bodies or why certain things.
  6. Reassure you’re here to talk to– It’s easy for daughters to feel alone during this time. It can be hard to know what she needs from you and when she needs it. You don’t need to fix every problem she has or make every decision for her, but reassuring her that you’re here for her may help her feel less alone as she goes through puberty.
  7. Be patient– Daughters often have questions and concerns about puberty, but they may not feel comfortable asking them in front of their parents. Be patient with your daughter while she asks questions and takes her time developing a comfort level around the topic of puberty.
  8. Discuss reproductive health often– It’s important for parents to talk with their daughters about reproduction as early as possible — preferably before they hit puberty. The earlier we start talking about reproductive health, the more prepared we’ll be for any problems or questions surrounding them!

Final words

Some parents do not want to talk about it, and some are uncomfortable when it comes to the subject. However, puberty is a crucial part of development. It is important to talk openly with your child so they know what changes their body will go through. It may help alleviate some of the stress that can come with change and discomfort.