Ovarian Cystectomy


Ovarian Cystectomy is a surgery done to remove a cyst from the ovary. Ovarian cyst is common in many women at some pint of their life and cysts do not usually cause any kind of symptoms. However, if anyone is having trouble, encountering painful or discomforting situations due to the cyst, surgical removal is the best available treatment. With the help of Ovarian Cystectomy, the doctor confirms the diagnosis of an ovarian cyst, remove the cyst with the help of the surgery, and completely eliminate the risks of Ovarian cancer. With the help of the Ovarian Cystectomy surgery, we will be able to remove the cyst but also preserve the ovary and fertility. Even after removal of the cyst from one the ovaries, another new cyst can form in the other ovary. In order to completely rule out the chances of new cysts, the ovaries have to be completely removed.


How is Ovarian Cyst diagnosed

After ruling out pregnancy as the cause of the abdominal pain or other symptoms, the doctor will use one of the following tests to diagnose the chances of an ovarian cyst.

  • A pelvic exam is carried out where the doctor uses an instrument to widen the vagina and then examine the vagina, uterus, and cervix. Reproductive organs are also checked for unusual lumps or changes.
  • Blood test results shows if there are any irregularity in certain hormone levels in the body.
  • Ultrasound is one of the most full-proof procedures where sound waves are used to create image of the internal organs of the body. If cysts are present in the ovary, it will show.

Reasons to perform an Ovarian Cystectomy

  • When the patient has Ovarian Cyst growth in both Ovaries.
  • An Ovarian Cyst is present that did not reduce in size or go away in 2-3 months time.
  • Results of an ultra sound suggesting that the cyst is not a simple functional cyst.
  • Doctor is concerned about the risks of an ovarian cancer.

Treatments Include

Laparoscopy – A laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery technique where only a few incisions are done on the lower abdomen of the patient.It is done to remove uterine fibroid or ovarian cyst or the entire uterus through laparoscopic surgery when there are issues of abnormal bleeding.

Laparotomy -A laparotomy is a surgical procedure through an opening (that is larger than that used for laparoscopy) into the abdomen. A laparotomy is normally used when a laparoscopy cannot be done effectively. Some reasons for laparotomy are removal of ovarian cysts, removal of an ovary, or removal of fibroids and/or adhesions.

  • 1. Medications – Medicines are used to treat different types of ovarian cysts.
  • 2. Surgical Management – When medical management fails then in some cases surgery is required, it can be done by Laparoscopy and Laparotomy method.
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